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Building a future in construction – owning my career aspirations as a female quantity surveyor

Christabel Sogbe, GVE work experience A-level student

One of the biggest misconceptions about the construction industry is that it is not a career path to be pursued by women and only men are involved in construction works. Such misconceptions lead to some aspiring female school and college leavers considering: How do I get myself out there into the industry? Would I be accepted by the men? Well, it’s all about owning it and putting yourself out there to be noticed. Once you own your knowledge, anything is possible!

My name is Christabel Sogbe and I’m a young black woman aspiring to work in the construction industry. I have always been excited by the idea of what goes on behind the scenes of a construction project and the groundworks of construction. My dad first inspired me to look deeper into the construction industry as he operates within the industry in Ghana, building houses and flats for the rental market. I would always be listening in into his phone calls, finding out more about what’s happening on the site and going to see the developments. It led me to have a love for buildings and managing large projects, which then allowed me to gain a love for construction industry.

I am currently an A-level student, going into year 13. I’m studying Business, Finance and Psychology and looking to do a degree apprenticeship in construction. Having more women in senior roles and policies that allow diversity and inclusion can help develop a business’ social responsibility, making a change that benefits everyone.

I attended an apprenticeship event after I finished my GCSEs. This is where I found out all about quantity surveying and gained a deep interest into what it’s about. I then decided to take this interest further and look for work experience. I came across GVE Commercial Solutions and was given an opportunity to come into the office for a week. I met and shadowed the company’s consultant surveyors and I was shown the type of projects they work on such as Thames Tideway and HS2. My time at GVE was so beneficial to me as I gained an insight into what a quantity surveyor would do on a day-to-day basis and the types of projects they work on.

As a woman aspiring to be in the construction industry, particularly in quantity surveying I want to break the stereotypes of women not being able to thrive in construction roles by putting myself out there and learning more about the realities of the industry. I am looking forward to networking with many people in the industry to develop my career and will be attending my first Kent construction event later this year.

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