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NEC Webinars - GVE's NEC Masterclass 

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GVE's successful NEC training webinar series for construction professionals, the NEC Masterclasses, are now available to download! The webinars are a series of short presentation sessions relating to the Secondary Options under NEC contracts providing practical tips and content based on our real project site experience.

After conducting internal CPD sessions in 2021 led by GVE's NEC expert practitioner and trainer, Andrew Wooldridge-Irving, we launched the new free-of-charge sessions to the wider construction industry to share expert knowledge within the sector. As 30 minute online bitesize sessions, these accessible webinars provide training and development to all NEC users.

Webinar host, Andrew applied real examples on live NEC projects of how to approach issues rather than focussing on theoretical application of the contract. The content is, therefore, not limited to a training environment enabling our audience online to get the most out of the sessions. 

GVE's NEC trainer and associate director, Andrew Wooldridge-Irving said: "Our online NEC training sessions are part of GVE's ongoing commitment to the continuing professional development of both our staff and our contacts within the wider construction industry. As frequent users and expert practitioners of the NEC suite of contracts this series, now as downloads are part of a number of accessible, free resources to support professional career development within the industry."

Download webinar presentations

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