Pricing Quotations for Compensations Events


About the Course:

• Covers the pricing of risk and disruption within the compensation event procedure.
   The pricing of risk and disruption are key challenges to NEC users when assessing compensation events*
• Features practical exercises on the NEC compensation event procedure
• Ideal for those administering NEC construction projects
• Four-hour workshop
• Maximum 20 participants (we recommend numbers are limited to 10 people to allow active participation for everyone)
• Kent-based venue, online or delivered at your chosen location

*Based on research conducted by GVE Commercial Solutions Ltd in May-September 2019: #RealNEC.

Key Benefits:

• Increases NEC knowledge
• Increases skills
• Contributes towards CPD (continuing professional development)
• Use as an introduction or refresher to compensation event pricing
• Suitable for all job and skill levels
• Excellent return on investment
• Team working opportunities