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Adjudication Knowhow – The Ten Commandments

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Steve Goodwin, Managing Director, GVE

1. Know and fully understand the contract

2. Know and fully understand what it is that is in dispute

3. Do not ignore the detail

4. Know your own strong points and reflect upon, rather than ignore, your weak points

5. Know your opponent’s weak points and reflect upon, rather than ignore, their strong points

6. Ensure the dispute is crystallised before commencing an adjudication (BUT – expect the unexpected)

7. Understand the complexities of the adjudication timetable and process

8. Do not underestimate the time and effort involved in adjudication

9. Do continue to try and reach a commercial settlement

10. Whenever possible, help the adjudicator reach a decision, … preferably in your favour

For further information on how we can help if you are struggling to reach an agreement or are in dispute please see our dispute resolution services.

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