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GVE launches NEC Project Health Check 

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We are pleased to announce the launch of GVE’s NEC project health check; a new specialist support service for 2021 to add value to your commercial and operational teams. Whether you are administering an NEC3 or NEC4 project our NEC project health check is the cost-effective solution to troubleshoot your project and provide the corrective advice you need to ensure your project runs smoothly.

NEC contracts are different from other forms of contract and carry significant commercial risk for those unfamiliar with their unique administrative needs. This service is ideal for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the NEC forms of contract who would benefit from practical expert advice and recommendations from our NEC specialist practitioners.

Tailored to the needs of both main contractors and specialist subcontractors our NEC project health check includes a project questionnaire to be completed by key members of the commercial team. Upon assessing the questionnaire data we will issue a robust report highlighting any issues and provide a set of practical pointers for you to implement.

We will be assessing the following key areas:

  • Accepted programme

  • Subcontractors

  • Defects

  • Compensation events

  • Early warnings

  • Communications 

We highly recommend contractors and subcontractors undergo GVE’s pre-contract review followed by our NEC training at the outset of the project. This will ensure you are not signing up to unfair or unworkable terms and conditions and the site team is equipped with specific NEC knowledge. Our project health check is the next step towards successful contract management once the project is underway. It will help to ensure all participants to the NEC processes issue correct early warning notices and compensation event notices in order for the project manager, contractor and specialist subcontractors to successfully manage change. It can prevent contractual problems and unnecessary costs in the long-term.

To book your NEC project health check please email Lynley Fisher-Hindle: or call us on 01622 755359.

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